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    "Like most women, I adore cute babies and fabulous shoes. On October 18, 2015, I brought those two great loves together!"

    Ashley Stevens,
    Founder of Dainty Toes

    My love for fashion goes way back.

    I’ve always been naturally attracted to trendy items that stand out because they’re so unique and cute. This is particularly true with shoes. But, as you know so well, shoes for females tend to be very expensive, so I soon developed an eye for bargains.

    My first baby, Jennifer, was a huge revelation.

    How can anything be so terribly cute and adorable, I wondered? I was totally blown away.

    As with most new moms, while I was awed and humbled, I was also overjoyed. How much fun to see this new human grow and develop! How much fun to share with friends and family all the cool experiences I had with my baby. And… how much fun to play dress up with her!

    As a young mom, my budget was very tight.

    Even though my husband Alex worked in IT and made a good income, I was still very careful not to splurge on things. That was even more the case with the arrival of our third baby, Michael. Although I’d be tempted, for example, to buy some cute, trendy shoes for my little kids, I resisted–just too expensive! (Sound familiar?) But I also knew there must be some exceptions out there: quality shoes that are irresistibly adorable but also modestly priced. That became my great quest, and hunt down those little gems did I ever!

    Moms I knew were forever complimenting me.

    “Where did you find this pair?” demanded my best friend Cheryl. “Those bows are absolutely precious!” So it began. My mom friends kept asking me to clue them in, and when I did, they told other moms and so on, until one day the light went on: there must be a world of mothers out there who would love to own shoes like these–why don’t I help them out?

    That’s how Dainty Toes came into the world.

    I officially launched this bundle of joy on October 18 (my own birth date) of 2015. Soon enough, my instincts proved to be right as requests began to trickle in… then to flood in! Obviously, lots of other moms out there love dressing up their little darlings just as much as I do. I know because so many of them couldn’t wait to tell me about their own experiences with this kind of creative play. (And, as everyone knows, shoes do make the outfit!)

    Dainty Toes is staffed by fellow moms.

    Acceptance was so fast and widespread that in very little time at all I needed to hire people. Who better than friends I already trusted and who shared the same love? My best friend Cheryl was first on board, followed by Kathy (who I knew in school) then my sister-in-law, Penny. Today, I’m happy and proud to say that Dainty Toes is now well established as a brand that women know and trust. It stands for trendy-cute designs, fun and sharing among moms everywhere!

    We’d love to hear from you!

    There’s nothing like comparing notes with like-minded spirits. My friends and I always have the best time when we hear from customers or connect through Instagram. It’s so enriching when people share, and we’d love to be here for you for exactly that. Anytime you feel like it, just give us a shout!